Norton Buffalo
Norton Buffalo & Lisa Flores

Photo by Marilynn Morsehead
What a joy it is to be able to perform onstage with someone you are madly in love with ... and to have that person be as talented and beautiful as my darling wife, Lisa. The music we play together is a wide mix. Having grown up listening to the music of her father, Tony Flores, a wonderfully talented, Sicilian born mandolin player, Lisa spent many years playing guitar along with him on the Sicilian, Neapolitan and Latin songs he loved. When Tony came to live with Norton and Lisa, Norton began picking up his harmonica and playing along. Since his passing in 2004, these two have carried on the family tradition and have an extensive collection of Tony's music in their repertoire. In addition, Lisa and Norton have added a good pile of their favorite instrumental standards with beautiful melodies that, in their hands, evoke an absolutely gorgeous sound. Lisa and Norton also have a large collection of their own songs both new and old, vocal and instrumental that they add to the mix. Together, Norton Buffalo and Lisa Flores create a beautiful musical mood, complimenting each others talents across a wide variety of songs, and capturing all who listen into their journey through their songbooks.
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