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Notes from Norton

As we cruise into 2009, I continue to thank all of my fans and the promoters, radio DJs, Radio Stations and Stores that helped me bring my music to the people. Thank you all so much for your support over the years.
I as well send my humble gratitude to all of the fans and friends around the globe who enjoy and support me and my music. I know, that for many of you, my absence from doing my own shows, while I do my thing with The Steve Miller Band, has been frustrating. I hear you! There is nothing more satisfying than being onstage performing my own music and seeing you, my devoted and wonderful fans! I am working hard in the studio on a bunch of new music that you can all groove to ... hope to see you out there on the road sometime soon!!!
Remember to share your love, especially with those in need!
Namaste, NB

Below are some personal statements. I understand that these views may not be your views, however, as a Citizen of this great nation, I can no longer be silent (I never have been silent). As I highly respect and honor your rights to voice your opinions, I hope you will respect my rights for that as well, for I do so as a patriotic and involved citizen of our great country.
I love this great nation that I was born and raised in. I also love this enormous beautiful globe we live upon. I pray that we can make the changes needed to guarantee that humans can continue to live on this planet we call Earth. I write these words, not as a Democrat or Republican, but as an American citizen who feels that it is my duty to speak out, and urge us all towards positive change. In electing Barack Obama as President, I believe, we as a nation have taken the first step in beginning this change.
In order to help implement change, we must first, study, and learn the issues at hand, a huge but important task. With knowledge comes power. Truth is only found when we seek it.
Pray, to whatever deity you believe in, that we can make a positive change. That any action we take will be blessed and will bring good to this nation and to all peoples of the world ... but that is just the beginning.
Stand up, speak out and be accountable for our beliefs, what ever they may be. In this way, we can make change happen. Use our power and numbers as citizens of the world to deliver whatever message will convey our truths. This is one of the most essential freedoms that we are blessed with here in this nation. I feel that it is imperitive now that we use it.
Just Foreign Policy Iraqi Death Estimator

Take a close look at this number. Over a million Iraqis have been killed as a direct result of the illegal war that the United States has waged against this sovereign nation. Over 2 million more Iraqis have been left homeless and displaced by the bombing and the violence that this administration has wrought. That's more damage and more death than ever caused by Saddam Hussein. That our great nation, which I love so dearly, has policies that allow this, hurts me deep in my core.

It is time to end our nation's terrible policies of war. It is time to bring our current situation in Iraq to the best end we can, considering the foul mess it was from the beginning. We did not bring "democracy" as we've ever known it to that nation. That seems to have never been the intention of this administration. It has not made our world, nor our nation, a safer place and it has meanwhile been bleeding our treasury to the point that, along with other bad economic policies, our nation is now in the midst of financial catastrophe.
The death casualty numbers above cannot possibly express the sadness brought on by the millions of injuries and over 3 million displaced Iraqi citizens not mentioned in this statistic, as well as the destruction of families, neighborhoods, cities, businesses and the disruption of life as they had known it. Had we never gone there, Hussein would have eventually been pushed out of power, and the citizens of that nation would have made the changes they needed to make by themselves. It is not, and never was our right to invade, murder and destroy so many for such a desolate result, nor was it right to risk so American lives to do so.

Please read "Three Cups of Tea, One Man’s Mission to Promote Peace ... One School at a Time"
By Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin.

This is a wonderful, true story about how one man brought about positive change, in an area that has long been considered "hostile territory". Greg did this by building schools, and by honoring the culture, traditions and religion of those people, and through this, has been spreading hope and goodwill through education and peaceful acts of kindness and respect. These are values that I always thought our nation stood for. Somehow we got way off track.
I urge you to support Greg's organization,
The Central Asia Institute (CAI)

The CAI has been a force of good and goodwill for years in the same areas that we are now dropping bombs and causing terror and sadness. Greg's story is proof that there is a better way!!!

Remember that the absolute and undisputed truth, is that there was no involvement of the people nor the government of Iraq in the events of 9/11. Almost all of the persons who were involved in committing those acts of terror against our nation that fateful day, were not from Afghanistan, but rather were Saudi Arabian citizens. Our government has done nothing to either chastise or punish Saudi Arabia for what their citizens did. Instead, the Bush administration allowed members of the Bin Laden family and an entourage of their Saudi friends, to fly out of our country, even as all other planes in our nation were grounded.
At this time, along with the above mentioned Iraqi casualties, our nation has lost well over Four Thousand of our brave and noble soldiers, both men and women, as a result of this war. I honor all of our brave men and women who stand up to protect our nation from harm, and I pray that no one ever misconstrue my disagreement with our nation's policies regarding this war, and my respect and honor of our military from the lowest to the highest levels. They are bound to follow the directives of their Commander In Chief. I have never, at any level, meant to convey any feelings of disrespect or dishonor to any of our soldiers present or past.
It is long past time, however, to hold the Bush administration accountable for all of these deaths, the horrible damage that has been brought to Iraq, and the lessened security, safety and stability of our nation and it's economy here at home.
Please note, that this is not the first nation that we have invaded and created such death and havoc. If you research and study the "true" history of our nation, you will discover the reasons why so many nations have become disenchanted with the U.S. It is not the "public policy" that we Americans are being spoon fed by the media and the government here at home. Most Americans truly believe that we have done nothing to upset any one! "Why do they hate us" ....
Keeping us ignorant of those truths, is what has allowed the Bush administration, and others who are reaping great profits from the "war machine" and our government's "silent" imperialistic foreign policies, to continue rallying our support. It is rather the secret agendas and clandestine acts that are commited, that somehow never end up in the books that are used to teach our students the history of our nation. These acts have, year after year, caused so much death and suffering around the globe, all for the sake of the financial gains of US corporations and their global interests. Do we as a nation truly wish to embrace and endorse such policies? I believe that if all our people knew the truth regarding this, that we would rise up against it.

I urge you to read "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" by John Perkins
Reading this book will help to give you an understanding of some of the policies that have been carried out, without the knowledge of most American citizens, and which have, in great part, led to some of the frustrations and anger directed at our nation. This is told by a man who was right in the middle of it all and since has come to tell his story. If we change these policies, we can slowly begin healing our reputation in the world.

If you are in for some more serious reading regarding some of the root causes of the growing conflict in the Middle East, especially pertaining to Afghanistan and the rise of Islamic militancy,
I highly recommend Ghost Wars by Steve Coll.
This Pulitzer Prize-winning book details "The Secret History of the CIA, Afghanistan, and Bin Laden, from the Soviet Invasion in 1979 to September 10, 2001". In this 2004 release, Coll's writing is very in depth, and includes insights into what the Soviet Military and KGB were doing, along with how the CIA was acting in cahoots with Pakistan's ISI and the Saudi GID intelligence agencies, in their efforts to oust the Soviets from Afghanistan. In reading this, it becomes obvious how the CIA's involvement in Afghanistan helped to fuel Islamic militancy and give rise to Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda.
Click Here for some details from the book regarding that issue.
As the dialogue we hear from Washington today, seems to focus on pulling out of Iraq, and upping the ante in Afghanistan, I think this book should be imperative reading here in the U.S., so that more people will begin to understand, in depth, the complexities of these issues, why and how Afghanistan became involved in this mess, and the huge role our nation played in creating this "terror".
The Soviets already blew Afghanistan back into sand and dust in the 80s. Their nation had not fully recovered from the misery and destruction of that war, when the U.S. invaded and began blowing it up again. True that some of those who committed the acts against our nation on 9/11 organized and trained in Afghanistan, but is their entire nation to be put to blame, and destroyed for that? These men were, after all, of Saudi blood and nationality not Afghan!
Critics say that the war in Afghanistan has been mismanaged and left with too few troops. Is more "boots on the ground" and more firepower truly the answer to our problems there, or will we keep this up until, like the Soviets, we leave with our tails between our legs, our nation in financial troubles from the money foolishly spent in a war that should have never been.
What other path can we choose that will lead us to peace? What other means can we find to lead us to a better ending than more death destruction and misery??

Despite all of the wrongs that I may note here, I truly believe that The United States Of America, is indeed a great nation, filled with amazing and hard working people, most whom do not want our nation to be the "Bad Guys" of the world. It is imperitive that WE THE PEOPLE educate ourselves, stand up, speak out, and take back this great country that has been stolen out from underneath us by our silence and apathy. We can do so at the voting polls, we can do more by organizing and creating a movement that will be seen and heard and which, through that visibility, will promote a positive change. If only 40 percent of our nation's eligible voters go to the voting polls, can Democracy truly continue be alive in our nation? Even in the most underdeveloped nations in the world, the people do all they can to get out and vote. What has happened to us, that we have grown so complacent and uninvolved??

Have we not, as citizens of this great nation of the United States of America, had enough of this administration's stripping of our rights, untold numbers of outright lies, the breaking of scores of our nations laws and international laws, the illegal invasion of a sovereign nation, the death of over four thousand of our brave men and women in uniform, the death of several hundred thousand Iraqis, almost all of them innocent civilians, the displacement of millions of citizens, and the destruction of the private property and vital infrastructure of that nation, the stripping of so many public services here in the US, the inadequate resources of our own National Guard, the takeover of our politics by special interests and big money, more lies, the rape of our planet by greedy corporations, the drugging down of our citizens by pharmeceutical companies, the control of big tobacco that allows them to continue spreading death to the world, the stripping of our education system, and thus the "dumbing down" of America, and so much obstruction of justice and abuse of power, the disenfranchising of hundreds of thousands of legitimate voters and so many other crimes that have happened in the hands of those who currently lead this nation? .... Have we not had enough of this????
When will "we the people" wake up and demand accountabliity??? We demand thar murderers, theives and drug dealers be put behind bars every day, yet our nation is currently being led by an administration that makes the crimes of Richard Nixon, which shook our nation years ago, seem like nothing. We impeach Bill Clinton for lying about an affair, yet we let George W. Bush get away with a long list of crimes, and nobody is screaming, nobody is asking for him to be impeached, or even held accountable. What has gone wrong with America??
Are we willing to stand by, and let the values that we as a nation stand for, be wiped out by these "evil doers", to be replaced by a government that acts with compete impunity and contempt for all that we stand for as a 'Free and Democratic Nation", and toward us, the citizens that it represents, as well as to the entire world??
I love, support and pray for all of the men and women of our armed forces. They are our brothers and sisters, sons and daughters. I believe deeply that the absolute best way we can support them is to bring them home from this illegal war as expediently and safely as possible. This will not be an overnight affair. We must be ready to face the challenges and dangers that will come with withdrawal from this mess. To best facilitate this happening, we must have a serious "regime" change in Washinton DC, with new leadership that is dedicated to use our armed forces for "Defense" rather than "Offense" both in our military actions and in our diplomatic policy. This current war is not the fault of our U.S. military, but rather the fault of the policy makers of this current administration in Washington DC and the members of our Congress who allowed them to go forward with these policies. I agree with Dennis Kucinich, that along with a "Department Of Defense" we should have a "Department Of Peace". to promote healthy and smarter ways to solve the complex problems that will face us in the years to come.
The only way we can create change is to be politically active, to speak out, demonstrate and to become visible opponents to the policies that are continuing to promote this deadly quagmire. Voting is a powerful tool ... however we need to be heard above and beyond the voting booths.

I recently read, that while "The French government is afraid of their people", here in America, "The People of the United States are afraid of their government"
This is the sad reality of the state of our union. What can we do???? How can we turn the table on that conundrum?? If we do not stand up and become active participants in that change, then we are willingly complicant in the actions of our nation, and are due and deserving all of the wrath and hatred that may come toward our nation for allowing this bad government to continue.
It will take a lot more than a political change from Republicans to Democrats, to heal the sadness that this planet is suffering around the globe, it will take a change of heart, and the conviction to follow through with that change. It needs to start by holding those guilty of crimes at the highest level of our nation's government accountable.
Can the people of The United States Of America stand up and make that change, despite the power and influence of the corporate monsters that are intent on keeping us in perpetual wars, perpetual addictions, perpetual bad diets, perpetual spiritual abandonment? In my travels around the world, I have always found that people all want to live in peace and harmony. It is always misled governments, bad politics, corporate greed, or religeous zealots (among others) that create the chaos, the wars and the sadness that cause so many to suffer and so many to die.
I pray that everyday people all over the world, will begin to awaken, stand up and speak out about what they really believe in, and what they really want for this planet. "We The People" Can Make A Change!!!!
My hope is that this whole world may become a place of peace. That our great nation can once again become a beacon of decency and honor that cares for it's own people first, and that we use our wealth, brilliant minds and first class technologies to help the entire world become a better healthier place. I pray that we all become better caretakers of Mother Earth, that this planet that we live on is left a better place for our children. Although these hopes sound like pipedreams ...They Are All Possible!!!!

Read books and other publications that will inform you of what is truly going on in this world. ... Do not trust the news that you hear and see on commercial radio and television as those have almost all been bought up by big money corporations that have special interests, and are programmed to give us a manipulated view of what is happening around the globe. They have been especially complicit in promoting the fear mongering that the Bush administration has used to strip our civil liberties and promote war.
Question Authority ... especially those that are spending your tax dollars!
Get involved in the process that makes this nation the best in the world.
Talk to your friends, contact your representatives ... enact change through speaking out.
U.S. House Of Representatives •••••••••• U.S. Senate
Be sure to get out and vote!!!!!
Run for office ... give us leadership that we can all be proud of.
Use your power as a consumer to only purchase products from companies that are supporting a sutainable earth and who demand good pay and care for their workers all around the globe.
Lets make a difference by letting all of our voices ... and our wallets be heard!!!!

Blessings to you all, Norton

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