Norton Buffalo

My heartfelt thanks go out to all of the writers...for newspapers and magazines great and small alike, for their kind, often colorful words and appreciation of my work......Here's to ya!
Norton Buffalo


Other Reviews:

"The High Lama Of Harmonica"
Santa Rosa Press Democrat

"Buffalo has an amazing talent with his versatile harmonica playing and his unique vocals and creative songwriting … It is no wonder that he is regarded as one of the best in the music industry …penetrating vocals and creative songwriting … phenomenal and complex harmonica playing … Truly a master of his craft."
Maria Bainer, New Zealand Blues Society

"Mr. Buffalo continues to breathe fire thought the reeds. His unbelievable playing is equally matched by his singing and songwriting. Wonderfully tight, clean and devastatingly beautiful … every cut rips and sings".
Screamin' Little Stevie, Maine Blues Society

"Buffalo demonstrates more chops than a national steakhouse chain."
Tom Townsley, Blues Review Magazine

"It's not just Buffalo's execution, which is flawless, or the fact that he's a more than competent vocalist, or that years of collaboration have afforded him a guest star lineup that includes Miller and guitarist Elvin Bishop. It's also that Buffalo's capable of swinging through multiple blues oriented styles with the greatest of ease. Few manage it with as much aplomb as does Norton Buffalo."
Genevieve Williams, Editorial Reviews

"Like drinking good cactus juice. You'll just never get enough of the Buffalo."
Mark A. Cole, Big City Blues Magazine

"Buffalo stakes out stylistic territory somewhere between the esteemed Jean "Toots" Thielemans, and Chicago chromatic magician Carey Bell. Buffalo's chromatic playing is uniquely captivating, and he doesn't' shirk from flat out blues blasting."
Tali Madden, Blues Access, Portland, OR

"Norton Buffalo has always been an exceptional harmonica player, but King Of The Highway is an exceptionally good piece even for a performer of his magnitude. Filled with breathtaking harmonica work in a wide variety of styles, King of the Highway is as good as any harmonica blues piece I've ever heard and far better than most. This one is nothing short of superb."
Bill Wilson, Billtown Blue Notes, Williamsport , PA

"Norton Buffalo has embraced the blues more convincingly than I have ever heard him do before … There is plenty here for even the most ardent blues purist. It is all punctuated with a heapin' helpin' of Norton Buffalo's magnificent harmonica playing."
Blues To Do's, Seattle, WA

"Buffalo is undoubtedly the most versatile harp player the industry has ever known, especially when is comes to playing the chromatic harmonica … Diversity is Buffalo's signature … when playing the harp - he's one in a million"
Michéle Benson, Good Times, Santa Cruz, CA

"As should be expected from the greatest harmonica player in the Western world, Norton Buffalo put on a rip snortin', solidly rockin' concert Sunday...For sheer facility and variety of style on his instrument, Buffalo has no peer."
The Sacramento Union

"What sets Norton apart from your average harp player is his combination of technical mastery and his strong intuitive sense. Working with Norton in the studio has been a real pleasure --he understood what I needed with almost no discussion, which can so often kill the mood. Aside from that, he's plain got the three T's down: taste, tone, and timing."
Laurie Lewis

"... He's just a beautiful guy. We really have great jam sessions when we get together. He's real sociable. You don't want to call Norton if you want a short conversation. He is such an upright type of fella that I don't have any dirt I can dish on him. "We've done a couple of tours together--Australia, Hawaii. Lots of harmonica players are limited. It's like going to the average Italian restaurant where there's a set menu with the same predictable choices. With the average harmonica player, you get a certain expected set of tired blues licks, but Norton is way beyond that. All the good things one hears about him are true."
Elvin Bishop

"As a harmonica player, Norton gets it," Littell said. "His approach as an accompanist is almost perfect. His early work with Kate Wolf defines the instrument. It is required listening for the next generation of harp players."
Bob Littell, Sierra Nevada Brewery

"R & B is a romping classroom demonstration of how two blues based artists so capably and intimately complement each other on their respective instruments. Buffalo's harmonica is particularly impressive as a lead instrument as he offers freight train whistlings, bright trills, rapid fire riffs and swirling wails and squeals … R & B slow the pace down for quieter songs that succeed thanks in part to Buffalo's passionate vocals"
DownBeat Magazine

"...he's a brilliant harmonica palyer, a superb singer and an extraordinary showman...his rapport with both his band and the audience is something to behold."
San Francisco Bay Guardian

"When people gather to speak of harmonica players, the name Norton Buffalo is mentioned with reverence - and usually followed by the awe-filled question: 'How in the world does he do that?'"
Cross Harp News

"Buffalo's forte is his choice of notes, not how many he can squeeze into a bar. His solo on Bonnie Raitt's version of Runaway ranks as one of the great harp solos of all time. It's a prime example of how an instrumental break can make a song."
Los Angeles Times Calendar

"...a cross between Dagwood Bumstead and a bloodhound...Buffalo has emerged as rock's foremost harmonica virtuoso..."
Oui Magazine

"A case of near bewildering talent...he plays harmonica with a virtuosity that has widened eyes and opened mouths throughout the music industry. No one else who puts tongue to reed can touch him."
The San Francisico Chronicle

"Like the legendary hoof-thunder of a vast herd of American bison passing through town, Norton Buffalo and his band blew the roof off...setting a new standard for live local concerts, in a show that will be remembered for years...a heightened command of nuance and improvisation rendered even the most faithful fans open mouthed, grinning with amazement...a stomping classroom demonstration of mouth organ virtuosity. If harmonicas had arms, Norton Buffalo could teach them to fly."
Wood River Journal

"Buffalo had fans mystified and delighted by his harmonica virtuosity. His mind boggling harp blowing, combined with an uncanny sense of showmanship, has kept Buffalo in demand as an act in the Western United States."
Marin Independent Journal

"Norton Buffalo dug through his extensive kit to wail with a passion that had many jaws agape at his incredible prowess. To say that Norton plays harmonica is on the order of calling Miles Davis a trumpeter. Buffalo is a master of the instrument, creating phrasings so complex and melodious that chills running down the spine of his listeners is not an uncommon reaction."
John Paul Brophy, The Salt Lake Tribune

"Buffalo and Miller combined on an early highlight of the show with a hot harmonica duet that led into Miller's first minor hit, “Living in the USA"... Buffalo was almost like a second front man for the band..."
Daily Ledger

"Armed like a gunslinger with the various keyed harps on his hips, Norton brought the house down."
Comstock Chronicle

"… he juggles a baffling variety of notes, taking a single breath to
James Nold Jr., Louisville Courier Journal

"...Norton Buffalo proceeded to blow my shit into next week with some of the hottest harmonica playing I've never heard before or since."
Tex, Easy Rider Magazine

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